Global Health Journal Club: Health Disparities and Environmental Justice

Monday, February 28th, 2022 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm (ET)
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Join us for an upcoming Global Health Journal Club with M4 Reece Hoerle. Reece will lead us through a discussion on health disparities and environmental justice that focuses on the disproportionate effects of pollution. Reece has provided below the information, discussion questions, and resources to center our discussion.

Environmental Health and Environmental Justice-How does Pollution affect Health Disparities and what is Environmental Justice?

Everything we do, eat, drink, and breathe can have detrimental effects on our health. Unfortunately, the world’s population that lives in poverty is affected disproportionally by pollution. All humans, whether rich or poor, are affected by pollution in some way. In this journal club, we will explore the different types of environmental pollution, their effects on our health, ways that we can treat and prevent the detrimental health effects of pollution, and how pollution further contributes to worsening health disparities. We will brainstorm ways that we can be stewards of the environment, advocates for those who are exposed to high levels of pollution, and consume products that are better for our health. We will also discuss whether we believe that poverty and economic development contributes to worsening pollution or whether pollution can further perpetuate cycles of poverty.


-What type of pollution do you think is most worrisome for humans?

-What are some other ways that pollution can perpetuate health disparities?

-What are some other ways that the environment can affect our health?

-What can we do as individuals to improve our collective environmental health?

-What types of projects are most worrisome for causing worsening pollution?

-What does environmental justice mean to you?

-How should governmental institutions regulate environmental runoff and what types of penalties should be implemented if an organization or individual violates environmental laws? Should there be civil or criminal penalties or both?

-How have environmental disasters affected the public’s perception of pollution?

Resources to review before the journal club

For those who enjoy watching things, feel free to watch the John Oliver segments attached below.

Linked below are two journal articles, an air pollution link, and WHO links that goes over the consequences of pollution worldwide. The two journal articles are attached to this email. Feel free to just look at the charts and read the parts that interest you as the articles are quite long.,healthy%20life%20years%20(DALYs).&text=Children%20under%205%20years%20of,125%20000%20deaths%20every%20year.

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Maya Finley wrote on February 24th, 2022

Where will this meeting be held? Is it a zoom meeting? Thank you in advance.

GivePulse profile picture of LYDIA SA LYDIA SA  2 years ago
Hi Maya! Yes, it's a zoom meeting. The link is posted as the conferencing link here on the event page, and I will send a reminder email with all of the zoom information before the event, too. Thanks!
GivePulse profile picture of Maya Finley Maya Finley  2 years ago
Thank you! I didn't see the link initially.