The Phoenix Committee


Welcome to the Phoenix Committee page!

We are EVMS's student mental health and safety group on campus. Our members come from every department to be there for you in times of need. We will listen to you and support you in whatever way we can. If you ever need to speak to someone anonymously about any issue that you are facing or anything that you notice someone around you is facing, please reach out to the list of members for your department and class (posted at the end of this)

We also put on fun, relaxing, and engaging activities to get the campus to destress and enjoy time together.

Our Exec Board is:

 Ravjot (RJ) Saini MD 2027 (Co-Chair)

Laney Grimes MM 2024 (Co-Chair)

Heather Newton, EdD GME (Chief Operating Officer)

Our list of members are:

MD 2027 Chris Finocchio
Amira Elzarea
Simone Herron
Ravjot Saini
Sonali Shirali
MD 2026 Emma Pierce
Alexandra Nigro
Jinho Dupont
Wave Hatton
MD 2025 Luigi (Jaime) Almirante
Trevor Fachko
Sarah Sabti
Namrata Singh
MD2024 Michael Pham
Isabelle Brown
Waleed Adawi
Vishal Aggroia
Riccardo De Cataldo
Yousef Beidas
MD2023 Abraham Van Voorhis
Navya Nuthivana
MPA 2024 Kristen Barnum
Matthew Pitts

MPA 2023 Danielle Young
(Contact Ashton Dear in January 2021) Christopher Thorn
MM1 2023 Barbara Loveless
MM2 2024 Laney Grimes
Meggan Gallagher
MM2 2023 Simone Herron
Chris Finocchio
BSSO Austin Adkins
PathA Program William “Will” Carstens
Cassidy Hilton
Chairperson Samantha Vergano, MD
Cynthia E. Dorr, MD
Richard A. Gonzalez, PhD
Amy P. Fantaskey, MD
Kerwin M. Kolheffer
Kyluee Park
Shriti Patel, MD
Brielle Ashley
Eileen Douglas, PhD
Joseph Han, MD
Jennifer Flaherty, PhD
Alexander Dornstauder
Renee Morales
Office of Academic Development
Dr. Daniel St. John, Director
Dr. Lindsay Meyers, Assistant Director
Grief Support Dr. Martha Early
17 People | 4 Impacts | 7 Hours