Honor Council

Executive Board

Chair: Savannah Angel (AngelSD@evms.edu)

Vice Chair: Sarah Brauer (BrauerSF@evms.edu)

Secretary: Lia Dopp (DoppLM@evms.edu)

Education Coordinator: Gwendolyn George (GeorgeGR@evms.edu)

Health Professions Representative: Renee Brown (BrownSR@evms.edu)

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EVMS Honor Code

Code of Student Conduct

General Code of Conduct

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School of Medicine Class Representatives 

MD 2024

Imad Haque haquei@evms.edu
Saad Jafri jafrish@evms.edu
Joshua Payne paynejt@evms.edu
Izzy Brown brownid@evms.edu
Asma Azam azamam@evms.edu

MD 2025

Savannah Angel angelsd@evms.edu
Rio Castro castrorg@evms.edu
Caitlin Shi shicn@evms.edu
Spencer Chee cheesg@evms.edu
Fatima Sabti sabtif@evms.edu

MD 2026 

Gwendolyn George georgegr@evms.edu
Michael Foley foleymj@evms.edu
Alim Osman osmana@evms.edu
Sarah Brauer brauersf@evms.edu
Lia Dopp dopplm@evms.edu

MD 2027

Claire Allison AllisoC@evms.edu
Carter Berry BerryCJ@evms.edu
Hannah Call CallHM@evms.edu
Thomas Cook CookTA@evms.edu
Neevedita (Neevi) Goswami GoswamN@evms.edu

MD24 Constitution

School of Health Professions Class Representatives 

MPA 2025:

Alyssa McGowan, McGowaAM@evms.edu 

Sloan Gerarhart, gearhasa@evms.edu 

MM 2024 (1 year): Connor Tembe, TembeC@evms.edu 

MM 2024 (2 year): Renee Brown, brownsr@evms.edu 

MM 2025 (2 year): Sarah Parks, parkss@evms.edu 

MPH 2024: Issoufou Ouedraogo, OuedraI@evms.edu

MSA 2024: Bri Witt, wittbm@evms.edu

PathA 2024: Lydia Johnson, johnsole@evms.edu 

ATC 2024: Felicia Elliott, ElliotFB@evms.edu 

Biomed 2024: Lanay Clark, ClarkLE@evms.edu


Honor Council Representatives uphold the EVMS Honor Code, manage and maintain the integrity of Class Elections as specified in their respective program Constitution, and serve as contacts for their peers in regards to the honor code. 

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