First-Generation / Low-income Student Association at EVMS (FLI@EVMS)

President: Trevor Lyford

Vice President: Thiane Gaye

Secretary: Adebimpe Atanda

Treasurer: Samuel Opeke

Mentorship Chair: Mia Cranmer

Social Responsibility Committee (3): Gwendolyn George, Curtis Caughey, Na’Zae Clark

Community Outreach Chair: David (Michael) Persaud

Comm & Marketing Chair: Cameron Dean

Professional Relations Chair: Kulpreet Singh



Social Responsibility Reporting Form (Please use this form to describe any issues you feel warrant further investigation by the Social Responsibility Committee.  This form is completely anonymous, but you have the opportunity to include your name and contact info if desired): 

FLI@EVMS will target medical and healthcare professional students who are first-generation college graduates (defined as students with parent(s) who do not have four-year degrees), first-generation medical students (defined as students with parent(s) who do not have advanced education in healthcare), and/or students who identify as coming from a low-income background. 

FLI@EVMS is a response to the distinct challenges faced by FLI students that are inherent in the medical and healthcare professional school experience. FLI students often lack the social capital, financial resources, and knowledge of the hidden curriculum that exists in medicine that is often possessed by their non-FLI peers. The intersectionality of gender, race, and socioeconomic status compounds the challenges and barriers faced by the FLI community, which adversely impacts the overall student experience. FLI@EVMS aims to build a community for those that identify as FLI students at Eastern Virginia Medical School. The organization will emphasize student well-being, community impact, offering resources to ease professional development navigation, and working to reduce barriers to medical/healthcare professional school. 

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