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Meeting, Event, or Fundraising Planning

Club/Class Meeting Application - when you're planning a meeting, this application must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 2 weeks prior to your club or class meeting in order for Student Affairs to approve the meeting.  This form also serves as your request for a room reservation on campus. 

Club/Class Events & Fundraising Application - when you're planning an event or fundraiser, this application must be submitted to Student Affairs at least 4 weeks prior to your club/class event. 

Please refer and adhere to the Student Affairs Student Events Policy when planning.

Helpful Tips When Planning Meetings/Events this document serves as a guideline to help students plan club/class meetings, events, and fundraisers.  Spending your class/club funds can be tricky, but Student Affairs is here to help! 

Contact Diane Dougherty or Joann Bautti in Student Affairs with any questions or concerns related to this process and/or using funds from a club/class account to fund your event. For access to student club/org/class financial forms, please refer to the documents tab on our page.

Student Affairs Travel and Publication Grant

Are you presenting research at a conference? Did your research get accepted into a publication? Consider applying for funding support through the Office of Research or Student Affairs.

Overview for Travel Funding - for students looking to travel to academic conferences or for other EVMS-related reasons, this document provides an overview of what financial assistance options are available.

Student Affairs Travel Grant - To apply for any conference travel or publication funding from Student Affairs or the Office of Research, please complete and submit this form to Grace Bryant in the Office of Research. She will assess which funding options are available to you.

Please note: For support of conference travel fees, students must be presenting research / For support of publication fees, students must be first-author of said publication. Conference travel funding is a pre-approval process; students need to complete funding requests at least four weeks before conference dates.

Club/Class Funding Opportunities

SGA Grant
student organizations can request funding of up to $250 from the SGA to further their club's mission.

Student Fund
application for funds from the Student Fund controlled by Student Affairs - these funds may be allocated for community service initiatives that further EVMS' vision to be the 'most community-oriented medical school in the nation.'  For any questions, please contact Joann Bautti (

Community Outreach Grant
Community Outreach is defined as an activity conducted outside a traditional, institutional, or framed population with the purpose of providing direct services, referrals, programs, or education. The Community Outreach Mini-Grants are available to students who wish to conduct a service, program/project, or activity in the community. The following programs are eligible to apply: MD, Art Therapy, Medical Masters, Biomedical Science, Biomedical PhD, SA, MPH, MPA, MCHA, and PATHA.  Applications need to be submitted 30 days prior to an activity/event. Applicants will get notification of approval or denial 1 week after submission and review by a committee.


Student Affairs is the student connection to the incredibly diverse community of resources, services, and opportunities at EVMS. The department is here for students, committed to the success of every student and complements and enhances the academic curricula of EVMS.
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